Your Online Personal Trainer

Online personal training to help you get fit, lose weight, stay accountable and reach your goals!

Be your best ever by getting in shape. It’s all about the basics. Exercise and eat right every day.

That’s it. No gadgets. No gimmicks. No quick fixes or fad diets. I believe that being your best boils down to the 4 pillars of fitness: exercise, diet, sleep/rest, and stress management.

Mastering these areas not only improves your physical well being, but every aspect of your life. You’ll be more balanced and centered. You’ll have more energy and stamina. You’ll start reaching those long held fitness goals that you never were quite able to achieve before, finally get the body you want and feel great!

You may be wondering… What is online training? Online training is personal training that can be done no matter where you are. You can train with me whether you’re in the next city, next state or even across the globe. Online training works through a combination of email, streaming live video sessions, private accountability groups, and my online training platform which includes custom workouts (with text and video demonstration for each exercise), a workout calendar, logging and a free app that you can use to take your workouts with you. In person sessions are available for local clients.

Online training is convenient and cost effective. Training online is less expensive than seeing a trainer in person. You can get a monthly membership that costs less than a single in person session. Train when and where you want. Scheduling our sessions becomes much easier when the constraints of location and travel are removed. Online training offers as much if not more accountability with regular email check-ins and the opportunity to get support from the accountability group.

If you’re traveling, it’s no problem. Workouts can be created just for you to work with the space and equipment you’ll have available during your stay.

If you’re interested in working with me to help you reach your fitness goals, click here and  fill out the form on that page. Whether you already know you’re ready to get started or you just have questions, filling out the form on that page is how you can connect with me and start the conversation about whether online training is right for you.

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