100 Days of Eating Clean Challenge – Final Week!

finish-line_smallerThe 100 days is officially up in two more days. Since I’ve already started on my next project there won’t really be an end to focusing on clean eating… not that I ever really meant for there to be.  It’s just going to continue on in a new wrapper. The new wrapper, as you may already know, is a round of P90X which I started on Monday of this week. So far so good.

Even though my 100 days of eating clean is flowing right into the next thing it’s still worth taking stock of how it went. Just like with the rest of life, if we don’t stop now and then to evaluate and see how we’re doing it’s really easy to get way off track.

I had been hoping that over the 100 days I would lose the 10 pounds I had gained earlier in the year after hitting my goal weight. I have lost and kept off 5 of them. I still want to lose the rest (and maybe a little more), but for now I’m OK with this. And I’m pretty confident that P90X will do the job. My goal is to drop the 5 pounds by Christmas. That’s exactly 7 weeks from today!

Besides the weight loss, more specifically, there has been fat loss. That’s what we’re really after when we decide to lose weight. I don’t have any measurements of my body fat, but I can see that I’m leaner. I can feel it in the way my clothes fit. It’s a good feeling.

And finally, while I was certainly not perfect during the 100 days, I was more consistent with clean eating than I had been in a while. I’m feeling the difference in things like:

  • how well I sleep
  • my ability to deal with stress
  • my ability to perform well during workouts
  • my consistency with working out
  • my energy levels
  • my emotional state from day-to-day

The thing that we often forget as we’re reaching for a less than healthy food choice is how profoundly food affects us. Everything we eat creates chemical reactions in the body. These chemical reactions govern our moods, our energy levels, our sleep and so much more. What I’m saying is, “what you eat matters”. It’s not just about being fat or thin. It’s not even just about health. It’s about the quality of life you want to live. You get to choose.

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