100 Days of Eating Clean – Week 10

MeasureSuccessIt’s week 10 already. I’m 70 days in and with just 30 days to go it’s the home stretch.

The main thing I wanted to accomplish with the 100 days of eating clean was to refocus and recommit to clean eating and get my diet (which had been getting a bit sketchy) back on track. One thing I failed to do when I set out on this challenge was to set any measurable goals. As I sit her on day 70 and consider whether I’ve been successful so far, I realize it’s a little hard to quantify. Such a rookie mistake!

In spite of this I do feel that the challenge has been a success so far. Even though I haven’t set specific benchmarks or kept meticulous records I have a general sense of what I’ve been up to and I ‘m confident that my diet and workout consistency have improved. I know that I’ve been more conscious of my choices and  when I feel like giving into stress eating or skipping a workout I’m better able to step back and consider it more objectively with this 100 day challenge in the back of my mind.

The physical evidence is there too. I’ve managed to lose a few pounds and my clothes are fitting better. Everything is a little looser than it was when I started. I’m also starting to see just a hint of the illusive 6 pack coming through again.

Even though I wasn’t strict about keeping records, I’m a big fan of MyFitnessPal. I use that site quite a bit to log my food and my workouts. If you’d like to add me over there, send a friend request. Just make sure to mention that you found me via my blog. Anyway, I do have quite a lot of information on what I was up to from that site. I also know that the days there are no logs are probably days I didn’t do so well. Ice cream anyone?

So, it seems like I should correct the error of my ways and set some measurable goals for the last 30 days…especially since I’m not really feeling inspired to set any. Things are going well. I feel like coasting. That’s a perfect set up for getting off track again and that’s why I need to set some goals right now whether I feel like it or not.

My first goal is to get back down to my goal weight in the next 30 days. I was there earlier this year and I blew it. I’m determined to get back there. I’m starting P90X in November. It would be really cool to start P90X when I don’t have any weight to lose. I’d be in for a whole new level of results. The other goal is to workout every day for the next 30 days. I set this goal last month and I didn’t do it. That alone makes me want to do it. Just to prove that I can. It would also be a benefit to lock in a daily workout habit. Rest days are important, but they can be accomplished with active rest.

One last thing to mention…I’m hosting a free 7 day clean eating challenge that starts on Monday, Oct. 13th. Why keep all this clean eating fun to myself? 🙂 The group will be on Facebook. If you want to join us, like my page and then like or comment on the post from Oct. 8th. Hope to see you there!

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