100 Days of Eating Clean – Week 13

jack-o-lanternWeek 13! Happy Halloween! Hey, that ┬árhymes… scary. ­čśë

I know that Halloween marks the beginning of bad diet season for a lot of people. No surprise that a holiday with candy as one of it’s central themes throws people of course.

Remember, it doesn’t have to all go down hill between now and New Year’s. If you focus in on indulging only on the actual holidays themselves (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day) then that’s only a handful of days.

If you give yourself those days of indulgence and stay on track the rest of the time, you’ll be in good shape┬áwhen January rolls around.

As for the 100 days challenge… there are officially 9 days to go. I’m happy to report that, barring any unforeseen obstacles, by this time on Halloween I will have worked out every day in the month of October! The clean eating this month has also gone┬á well. And as I finish up the 100 days I’ll be starting a round of P90X.

I have to admit, I’m actually a little less than psyched about it. It’s true. I’ve gotten really spoiled with shorter workouts. Some of my workouts these days are around an hour, but I also have just as many workouts each week that are around a half hour or less. I’m also not that excited about being locked into doing particular workouts for the next 3 months. I’ve enjoyed picking and choosing as I go.

However, as of this morning some of my favorite workouts to pick and choose from are no longer available. I’ve been a fan of Zuzka Light’s ZWOW workouts for a while now. She had about 70 of them on her YouTube channel. This morning I found that they’d all been made “Private”. I was really disappointed, still am actually.

Fortunately, I had written┬áup workout sheets for a couple dozen or so ZWOWs over the last couple years. So, I’ll still be able to do those workouts at least. If I want to get any more workouts from her it looks like I’ll have to join her subscription membership site. It’s reasonably priced. So, I might do that, but there are also a lot of other people putting out free workouts online (dailyhiit.com, blogilates.com, fitnessblender.com, to name a few).

I should also mention that despite┬áthe reasons I’m not looking forward to P90X… there are several reasons I am looking forward to it as well. For one,┬áit’s a GREAT program that always gets me super fit and always helps me drop inches and pounds. It’s also a great test of how well my other workouts have kept me in shape.

When doing a program like P90X nutrition is key. Not only will your diet make or break your results, it will also determine how well you’re able to perform during the workouts. I have followed their nutrition plan before and it worked great. However, I’ll be sticking with my own clean eating plan this time. I’ve done rounds of P90X eating this way and it’s worked for me just as well as following their plan. Plus, since my plan is customized for me, I find it a lot simpler and easier to follow.

With that said, I do recommend following the nutrition plan that comes with P90X (or any other Beachbody program) at least for a week or two. It can be a great opportunity to learn a little bit about nutrition and start learning how to make effective, quality meal plans of your own.

And finally, last call for my P90* challenge group starting this Monday, November 3rd. Click here for details.

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