100 Days of Eating Clean – Week 7

BigE_Midway_2014This week I’m going to talk about letting all this clean eating business go…for a day. That’s right, it’s time for the Big E! The holiday season is around the corner, but my favorite holiday is Big E day. The Big E (Eastern States Exposition) runs for two full weeks, including the weekends on either end. For me, Big E day is whichever day I happen to go. My sister and I go every year and we always have a great time. We walk around for hours and hours. We see the shows and the animals and browse through the retail spaces. We watch demonstrations and try out samples. And sometimes we even buy something.

We enjoy roaming around at the same pace as each other and checking out all the same stuff. I couldn’t imagine a better partner for this annual event. One big difference this year though. I gave myself permission to eat whatever I want at the Big E. My sister decided to see if she could eat clean. I did that a couple of years ago and it went pretty well. There are actually a number of good choices if you look for them. So, I was excited to see how she’d do and how she’d rate the whole Big E experience from a clean eating perspective.

Should I even talk about what I ate that day? I enjoyed myself. I didn’t go totally crazy, but I had what I wanted, when I wanted. The two stand outs for me were the caramel apple and the seafood chowder. Totally worth every calorie. My sister was much more conservative. She had a baked potato with grilled veggies. It was very good. She also had this amazing grilled chicken sandwich…which I wish I had also gotten. Live and learn.

A few other options we cam across were the cups of fresh berries, smoked salmon on a stick, and fresh squeezed lemon-aide. The trick with the lemon-aide was to ask the guy to cut way back on the amount of sugar he put in it. So, yes there was some sugar, but I thought it was a good compromise. As I always say, it’s never about being perfect. Just do your best.

Overall I think my sister was happy with her culinary experience at the Big E. I’m thinking next year I may give the whole healthy eating thing there another go…maybe. 🙂

One final thought…it’s OK to have a day now and then where you just forget about the rules, forget about your diet and enjoy eating whatever you like. One day won’t hurt you or keep you from reaching your goals. It’s when those days add up. It’s when your regular diet isn’t really as good as you think or when you allow too many indulgences and extras on a regular basis. So, if your fitness and weight loss goals seem to elude you, then take a hard look at your typical day. That’s where the issue lies and where you can make a real difference.


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