How to Fit P90X Into A Busy Schedule

exercisetimeThe schedule for P90X is very demanding, requiring an hour to an hour and a half seven days a week. They advertise it as six but, the X Stretch program on the seventh day really is a must if you’re serious about your overall health and fitness. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always cooperate with the workout schedule no matter how committed or skilled at time management you are. However, there is a little room for leeway if you need it.

When You Have To Skip A Day


Option 1: Even though it’s worth doing, skipping the X Stretch is your best option if you need to skip a workout day.

Option 2: If you have to miss a cardio workout (Plyo or Kenpo) then you can double up and do that workout the same day as any other workout that week.

Strength Training

When it comes to the strength training workouts it gets slightly more complicated. It is important to give your muscles 48 hours to rest between workouts (this goes for abs too). For example, if you work chest on Monday then you don’t want to work that muscle group again until Wednesday. If you need to skip a day then you have two choices.

Option 1: You can push the whole schedule for the week forward one day. Then, either skip X Stretch or fit it in on another day if you have time. I’ve found that it goes really well right after Kenpo X.

Option 2: The other option is to do two strength training workouts on one day. If you can find the 15 minutes to do Ab Ripper X on the day you need to skip, then great. If not, you’ll just do Ab Ripper X twice instead of three times that week.

When You Don’t Have Time For The Whole Workout

When time is short but you can still manage to fit in a workout it’s still worth doing your P90X program. The great thing about the way the strength training workouts are designed is that they tend to hit all the target muscles early on and then cycle through them over and over with different exercises. This means that you can get all the muscles worked in a short amount of time.

The full workout is ideal, but a shorter version can still be a good workout. The key is to use the amount of time you have wisely. This means going for intensity. Work hard with good form. Since you will do fewer exercises per muscle group, see if you can up your weights. Remember to adjust the way you pace yourself. A shorter workout means you can start pushing harder earlier.

Another way to save some time at the beginning of the strength training workouts is to do the warm up, but skip the stretching. As always, be sure to do the stretching at the end of the workout.

The idea of increasing intensity can also be applied to the cardio workouts. Push hard and only do half the workout. Try to get in at least 20 minutes of higher intensity activity.

When You Have The Time But Only In Short Blocks

The key to making it work in this case to make sure to warm up before each block of activity. If you try to jump into the workout cold you risk injury. Just five minutes of jacks and running in place should be enough.

Almost every workout is designed in a way that makes them easy to break down and do in shorter segments. Even Yoga X can easily be split into two 45 minute pieces.

Because of the way they set up the dvd’s it’s convenient to do Ab Ripper X right after the main strength training workout but, there’s no reason you couldn’t do it at another time that day. You could even move it to different days as long as you follow the rule of not working that muscle group two days in a row.

The time commitment for P90X can seem overwhelming especially trying to fit into a packed schedule. Don’t let that discourage you. Fitting in the workouts in pieces or only doing half the workout may not be ideal, but it works and it will get you much better results than doing no workout. Just be sure to push hard during the time you do have. And remember, diet is critical. You can’t out exercise a bad diet, even when the workouts are as tough as those in P90X. You have to be mindful of what you eat and make good choices every day in order to get the great results you want.

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