100 Days of Eating Clean – Week 1

watermeloncontainersThe first week of eating clean is in the bag! It feels good to hit this milestone even if it’s a small one. It was a good week. I won’t say it was without it’s challenges though. I had some cravings for sweets. I would have liked to enjoy some wine over the weekend, but I stuck to the plan.

Earlier in the week I was thinking that I may schedule in a break or two during the 100 days. So far this summer I’ve only made the Life Changing Mussels recipe once. Once! Summer is the time to enjoy this dish, but the summer will be gone by the time my 100 days are up. So, an exception to allow it may have to be made.

However, now I’m not sure whether I think indulging in the mussels dish, as awesome as it is, is all that important to me. You see, as the week went on my cravings began to disappear. I’m enjoying how much better it feels to eat healthy and skip the alcohol and the junk food. Now, when I think about eating or drinking something that’s not a part of my clean eating plan, I think about how I won’t feel as good afterward and it doesn’t seem so appealing.

However, I’m allowed to change my mind. Somtime down the road I might do just that…and that’s OK.

The thing to remember is that perfectionism is not your friend. Trying to be perfect and depriving myself of this most excellent summer treat (if I decide I really want it) is silly. The point of the 100 day challenge is to improve my overall diet and correct the trend of impulsive, and too frequent indulgences. A single planned meal is in line with the intention of the challenge and it will help me stay on track the rest of the time. I’m a fan of exercising restraint and self control, but if you take it too far it becomes fuel for rebellion.

While I’m deciding on when (and whether or not) to schedule in my little indulgence I’m also working on something I’m very excited about. Finally, I’m going to put together a 30 day clean eating and exercise challenge guide with workouts and a meal plan. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and now I think it’s finally time (or more like, it’s about time!) to make it happen.

I’m planning to give it away free as a gift to those who subscribe to the blog. When I followed this plan for a month last summer, I lost 5 lbs. That’s half of the last 10 I wanted to lose. Not too shabby.

Last but not least my dish of the week. It’s not really a “dish” per se. It’s watermelon! Watermelon is a great, clean eating snack or dessert. All through the summer I always have watermelon in the house. In fact I love it so much I even bought special containers for it (see photo above). 🙂



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  1. Laura says:

    I love watermelon. I’ve read it has some great benefits for you skin too.

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