Don’t Let Travel Keep You From Your Workouts

Pool Side Workout

Grab a workout by the pool. A patio chair makes a great workout accessory. Use for balance lunge, triceps dips, elevated (or decline) push-ups and more…

It’s the holidays and many of us will be on the road traveling to see family and friends. Some of us take this opportunity to fit in a much needed get away (like a cruise… you know who you are! 🙂 ). It can be really hard to get your workouts in when you’re in an unfamiliar place (or just a place that’s not your own) and operating on a completely different schedule than you’re used to. While it’s a challenge to get your workouts in when you’re traveling it’s important, it’s worth it and with a little planning it can be done!

The first question is what will be your environment and available equipment where you’re going? If you’re going on a cruise or staying in a hotel you can usually find this information on their website. Most places these days have a good gym available for guests to use. If you don’t know what will be available or if you know there isn’t any type of equipment that’s OK too.

Once you’ve considered your workout environment and available equipment it’s time to choose your workouts. Whether you have a full gym at your disposal or nothing but your body weight to use as resistance, you’ll want to pick out a handful of workouts that are a match to the situation. If you don’t know what to expect then focus on body weight, minimal equipment routines. The workouts should be written out with whatever descriptions, images and/or video links you need to make sure you know exactly what to do.

If you’re one of my clients (you guys rock BTW 🙂 ) then you have an online account where you can choose from your custom workouts. You can pick and choose from the library of workouts I’ve created for you or I’ll have your workouts scheduled for you on your workout calendar. Yes, a service like this costs money, but it also takes out all the guess work and planning and lets you focus on packing for and then enjoying your trip. All you have to do is make sure you pack your workout clothes and make the time to get the workouts done!

If you’re the DIY type, there are tons of free resources online. Youtube is a great place to find free workout videos. It’s just a matter of investing the time to find the right ones. If you subscribe to this blog you can get my free workout menu to help you put together full body strength training routines on the go.

When you’re picking out workouts for your trip, choose one or two full body strength training workouts, a couple of metcon workouts and then maybe plan on going for a run, bike ride, a hike or doing some walking.

Once you’ve got the workouts picked out you just need to figure out how to fit them in. This maybe the hardest part. It helps to know what’s on the agenda even if you only find out the day before or the morning of, you can figure out where to squeeze it in. That’s where you want to build some flexibility into your workout schedule and in the workouts themselves.

To save time with strength training workouts…

Split full body workouts into parts. Do upper one day and lower another. You can also take a full body workout and just do one or two sets of each exercise instead of two or three.

To make a metcon workout more time efficient choose an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) style workout that you can do in 10 – 12 minutes or even choose a 5 minute AMRAP. If you’re looking at a metcon workout set for a certain number of rounds, just reduce the number of rounds. A short workout is better than no workout.

The last tip is to make your workouts a priority. You will fit into your schedule the things that are a priority to you. If you make your workouts a priority they will get done. If you decide the are optional or not important… they will not happen. It’s that simple. You get to choose.

Happy holidays and safe travels!

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