Is Your Workout Program Suffering From The Winter Blues?

snowedinbike_8558000589Here we are in the winter doldrums and I’ve noticed something that was never quite as clear to me before I started offering online training. You see, now I can go to my training site and have the visual of all my clients’ calendars and I can tell at a glance how much they’ve been working out. I can’t say for sure whether this has been happening every year, but this winter I see that just about everyone is slacking right now!

More than just preferring home fitness programs like P90X in the winter. I think it’s a necessity! More than any other time of year you need a  plan and you need something that’s going to inspire you. Just getting on the treadmill a few times a week is probably not going to keep you motivated. Not only that, as I’ll talk about in my next post, it won’t get you the results you want either.

Here’s your plan to make it through the winter blues:

1. Find something, a goal, that inspires you. Maybe it’s losing a certain amount of weight in time for an event in the Spring. Maybe it’s being ready for your favorite outdoor sport. Whatever it is, make sure it inspires you. Make sure you feel energized when you think about achieving it.

2. Pick a program. You might sit down with a trainer and map out a custom program. You could commit to a particular class at your gym. You could choose one of the do it at home programs. The at home options are my favorite because they make it so that you never have to skip a workout due to bad driving conditions. Beachbody’s programs are some of the best on the market, but there are other great options too. Cassey Ho over at puts out a new workout calendar every month for her subscribers. Right now, I’m loving Zuzka Light’s 3 month Zcut Power Strength Series. Whichever program you choose the key component is that there’s a schedule laid out for you to follow. All you have to do is commit to stick with it.

3. Get some accountability! Very few of us are wired to go it alone. Most need a little outside help to bolster our motivation. If you’ve got a trainer, talk with them about how they can best support you. Do you need a daily email? Maybe a text the night before reminding you to get your workout clothes or gym bag ready? The Internet is  a great tool for accountability. Facebook, for example, has groups doing programs like P90X, and T25. People in the groups do the program on the same schedule and use the social media space to encourage and push each other. Not to mention communities like designed for a social, supportive fitness experience.

4. Last but not least: Commit! Make a point of re-committing to your fitness program. All the tips, tricks and strategies are helpful tools, but at the core is one thing. You! Winter blues or not. Cold weather. Not enough sun. Can’t go outdoors. These things make it tougher, but they cannot stop you if you commit to your fitness. It’s up to you.

photo credit: chuddlesworth via photopin cc

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