Re-Energize Your Workouts With A Change Of Scene

CanalSceneryI love being a fitness trainer. I love fitness. I love the results I get from eating clean and working out. A lot of times, I even love working out… but not always. Sometimes I get in a rut. I get bored. I get burned out. That’s when I know it’s time to ditch the regularly scheduled workout and change things up.

When the weather allows, that means inline skating. I remember when I started inline skating (which we called Rollerblading back then). There were a lot of us out there on the trails. It was the fad of the day and I loved it. I loved it so much that I still do it today… well over a decade later.

Cycling continues to dominate on the trails. The people on bicycles far out number the ones on skates. But I just never found riding a bike as satisfying. I feel like inline skating requires a little more skill and it’s a tougher workout. I’m sure cyclists out there would disagree, but that’s my take on it…

Over one of the long weekends I took advantage of the magic of Sunday traffic. On a 3 day weekend Sunday traffic is fairly light. So, I headed to the Cape Cod Canal trail. Despite always having to fight the wind as I skate toward Boune, it’s probably my favorite trail. Coasting along side the waters of the canal is amazing. Many times, especially when I’m skating with the wind at my back, I like to race boats as they make their way through the canal.

The people on the canal trail are always so easy going. It’s about vacation there after all. You feel it the minute you set foot on the cape. Because of the wind it is an amazingly difficult skate in one direction and a high speed rush in the other. The trail is smooth and flat and mostly uncrowded. It also has very little shade and it can get quite hot out there, even with the constant breeze.

This particular weekend as I was finishing my skate I passed under one of the bridges. The temperature in the shadow of the bridge felt about 10 degrees cooler. I was feeling a bit over-heated. So, I stopped there for several minutes to give myself a chance to cool down. The moment I stepped onto the grass beside the trail and stood still I felt the most amazing sensation. It was like my feet were melting. Like they’d been held together by the effort of skating and the vibrations of rolling along the pavement. Now that I’d stopped they were free to relax into a puddle inside my skates.

I got a fantastic workout, fighting the winds on the way out and flying with them on the way back. There really is no way to simulate that in a gym. You can’t get this experience indoors. You have to get out there on the trail, with the wind and the water and the people and the incredible scenery.

Not only was it a great workout and fantastic sensory experience… it also made me realize how much good my regular indoor workouts were doing for my fitness. Those workouts are the reason I had the strength and endurance, the level of fitness I needed, to do the whole trail… and enjoy it! It gave me renewed appreciation for my regular workout routine.

You don’t have to completely ditch what you’re doing now. Just take a break from the usual. Find something fun. Find something you’re excited to go and do. Find something you love that requires you to be fit in order to do it well and enjoy it. See if it doesn’t re-energize your passion for fitness.

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