100 Days of Eating Clean – Week 11

clean-eatingRight now I’m in the middle of hosting a lean eating challenge group on Facebook. It’s a week long challenge and we’ve got a great group of challengers. This week has been a lot of fun and interesting too. I’ve been getting some great questions.

People have been asking about various sweeteners, natural and artificial. They’ve been asking about dairy which is a bit of a gray area and can be a bit confusing. They’ve asked about caffeine and calories and sodium. I love that everyone is interested in learning about nutrition. And once again doing the group thing is helping me to stay on track. Seeing all of them have such determination and will power is inspiring.

One of the things I really like about clean eating is that  there is no single over riding authority on what is right. When it comes to most other diets, there is one right way to do it. But clean eating is more of a concept than a specific diet.

I went over this in a post a few months ago, but I think it’s worth revisiting…here’s what clean eating is to me:

  • Eat whole, unprocessed or minimally processed foods
  • Always choose the least processed option (ex. an orange over orange juice)
  • Always choose the option with the least ingredients and/or only ingredients that you recognize (ex. butter over margarine, natural peanut butter containing just peanuts rather than peanut butter containing ┬ácorn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils, all whites over egg beaters and whole eggs over either of those)
  • Know how to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists and then, read them
  • Avoid HFCS, Trans fats, added sugar, chemicals, additives, preservatives

Just in case it would help to have some specific examples I’ll share with you a typical day’s menu looks like for me…

Breakfast: Plain oatmeal, Whey protein powder, Chopped apple and/or berries, Chopped almonds, Black coffee

Morning snack: Wasa cracker (lately it’s been the light rye), Natural peanut butter

Lunch: Homemade soup, Fried egg and tomato sandwich on Ezekiel bread, Baby carrots

Afternoon snack: Fresh pineapple, Cottage cheese

Dinner: Skinless chicken (breast or thigh), Collard greens w/tomato, mushrooms and garlic, Sweet potato w/slice of avocado, Plain seltzer

I’ve read that a common behavior among those who reach and maintain a healthy weight is that they tend to eat the same things from day to day. My personal experience supports this. I will substitute in things here and there to keep it interesting from week to week, but there are not a lot of radical changes. You’d think I would get bored and once in a while I do, but for the most part I enjoy my diet. If you’ve read previous posts from my 100 day challenge you know I do stray from the plan, but that’s not about boredom or lack of satisfaction with my meals.

On a completely different note… I want to let you know about my next challenge group. If you are sick of holiday season being weight gain season. If you need some help staying focused and on track with your diet and exercise the next few months. Or maybe you’d like to start the new year without once again setting a resolution to lose weight. This challenge is for you. Click here for all the details.



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